What Are The Counties Play American Football Other Than USA


American football is a sport that has been widely celebrated in the United States of America, where it originated. However, its popularity has spread to other countries outside of the USA, where it is played with passion and enthusiasm. Many countries worldwide have embraced this sport and have their own leagues and championships. It’s exciting to discover which counties play American football other than the USA.

While American football is still more commonly associated with North America, many other nations around the world are starting to take part in it. One example of this is Japan, a country that now boasts a thriving American football scene with several teams under professional leagues. Japan has even hosted international competitions such as the World Championships, showing that they take the sport seriously and are hoping to become one of the global leaders in it.

Another country playing American football is Mexico, where college-level games have been broadcasted on national television starting 2018. Not too far from Mexico, Brazil has also developed an interest for American Football with up-and-coming amateur players joining forces by way of local leagues scattered across various states.

With its fast-paced plays and exciting touchdowns, American Football continues to draw interest from all over the world, making its presence felt beyond borders both on television screens or live action-packed stadium matches. As time goes on and sports awareness continues to grow at an unprecedented pace globally, we may see more countries that will follow suit soon enough — for now at least the future for international growth looks good for America’s favorite sport.

Non-US Countries That Play American Football

To explore non-US countries that play American Football with Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Austria, France, Australia, and China as solutions, let’s break down the benefits of each country’s approach. The sub-sections will uncover the unique style, growth, and future potential of American Football as played in each country.


Located next to the United States, Canada is a proud nation with a rich history in American football. The Canadian Football League (CFL) has been entertaining fans since 1958, showcasing talented players and consistently drawing large crowds. The league features teams from various cities across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary.

In addition to the CFL, there are also several small college and high school teams throughout the country that play American football. These programs not only provide opportunities for young athletes to develop their skills but also help further grow the sport’s popularity in Canada.

What sets Canadian football apart from its American counterpart is its unique set of rules and regulations, such as having 12 players on the field instead of 11 and allowing for forward motion before the snap. Despite these differences, both countries share a passion for this thrilling sport that transcends borders.


American football has been a sport that continues to grow its popularity worldwide. Mexico is one of the countries outside of the US that has embraced this sport. In fact, Mexico has had a professional American football league known as the Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (LFA) since 2016. The LFA offers eight teams, and their season runs from February to May.

Besides the LFA, there are also college teams in Mexico that play American football, such as the Club de Patojos at UNAM, which has won numerous championships in their division. Mexican players have also had success playing in the NFL and NCAA in the United States. One of the most notable players is Raul Allegre, who played as a placekicker for three different NFL teams in the 80s and 90s.

Furthermore, Mexican fans are passionate about American football and follow both national and international leagues closely. The Super Bowl is particularly popular among Mexican fans, with millions tuning in annually to watch the game.


The emergence of Japan’s American Football scene can be traced back to 1934 when college football was introduced at Waseda University. Since then, several universities have established their football programs, such as Nihon University and Ritsumeikan University.

Japanese football teams participate in various domestic and international competitions, including the annual Rice Bowl which pits the top college team from the east against their western counterpart. Additionally, some Japanese players have even gone on to play professionally overseas.

Although American Football is still relatively unknown among mainstream sports audiences in Japan, it’s evident that the country has made significant strides in establishing itself as a competitive force within the sport. With an increasing number of universities adopting American Football programs each year and a growing fan base for the sport, it will be interesting to see how Japan’s American Football scene continues to evolve and grow in the coming years.


American Football has taken the world by storm. Many countries outside the United States have started to play this game, and Germany is not left behind in this endeavor. With an increasing interest in American sports, it’s no surprise that Germany has embraced American football in full swing.

The sport began gaining popularity in Germany during the 1990s and has since grown significantly. German teams are highly competitive, and their players are known for their skills and agility on the field. Moreover, they take part in several international competitions with other non-US Countries that play American Football.

Distinctly, German teams have a unique style of playing the game, combining traditional European football techniques with modern American tactics and gameplay that make them stand out from others. They demonstrate fantastic teamwork and discipline on and off-field, strengthening their game capabilities each day.

As expected from a country with German precision, they focus much on training and constantly improving their game plans. Additionally, they organize annual tournaments with compelling prizes at stake to keep up with standards while engaging new players to join.

In summary, German enthusiasts have wholeheartedly adopted American football as one of their favorite games to showcase their sporting prowess globally. Playing an essential role in promoting cross-cultural interactions within sporting communities worldwide is just an example of how sports unite us all.


American Football has been gaining immense popularity across the globe, even in countries where it isn’t a native sport. One such example is Austria, which has been participating and excelling in American Football for some time now. The Austrian Football League is the highest-level league that organizes the sport in Austria.

Austrian American Football started as early as 1983 when a few teams formed local leagues to promote the sport among enthusiasts. Since then, it has grown into a substantial community that features a professional development program for coaches and referees, alongside various youth camps and clinics.

What sets Austrian American Football apart from other countries is the strong support provided by the national government. They have provided grants to clubs for infrastructure, equipment, and funding development programs so that more people can enjoy and participate in this beloved sport.

It’s exhilarating to see how countries outside of America have come together through sports like American football. The passion and support for this game worldwide continually proves how it brings people together despite cultural differences.


American football may not be the first sport that comes to mind when one thinks of France, but it has indeed gained popularity in the country in recent years. French teams have participated in various international competitions, including the European Football League and the World Games.

French American football teams were initially formed by expats, but now locals are beginning to embrace the sport. The French American Football Federation oversees several divisions and championships within the country, with over 5,000 registered players.

What sets the French American football leagues apart is their unique style of play. They emphasize a strong defense and base their strategies on speed and agility rather than brute force. This approach often leads to fast-paced games that keep viewers on their toes. Additionally, many French teams have integrated elements of rugby into their playing style, creating a fusion of two physical sports.


Australian football teams have emerged strongly in recent years to compete fiercely in national and international tournaments. The AZ Hawks, for instance, are a team founded in 1998-99 who championed the Australian Football League (AFL) Cup’s second division in 2016.

Moreover, Australia has more than 30 currently active American Football teams across six different states nationwide.

Despite being relatively new to the game, these teams prove themselves and successfully play with high-level skills due to intensive training sessions and game simulations. From Defensive Tackle moves to Qb sacks Aussie players leave no stone unturned to learn all aspects of American football.

Thus, Australia continues to make a mark in the non-US continent as a competitive participant of this uniquely American sport – making it one of the must-visit countries for a football lover’s bucket list.


American football has gradually entered China and is gaining popularity among the young generation. With a population of over 1 billion, the country offers a huge potential for development on the sport.

Many universities in China have established their own American football teams and are actively participating in various tournaments. Moreover, American football has also been introduced as part of the physical education curriculum in some schools.

What sets China apart from other countries playing American football is their emphasis on promoting sports education and instilling discipline, teamwork, and character building values to their students. This highlights their dedication to embracing diverse sporting cultures and providing holistic learning experiences to their students.

How American Football is Played in Non-US Countries

To understand how American football is played in non-US countries with variations of the game and cultural differences, we take a closer look at the section on How American Football is Played in Non-US Countries. The sub-sections – Variations of the Game and Cultural Differences, offer solutions to help explore how American football has been adapted and influenced by different countries across the world.

Variations of the Game

American football is more than just a sport. It has become an ingrained part of American culture and has gained immense popularity worldwide. As a result, several non-US countries have also developed their own versions of American football, with some unique variations that reflect the local culture.

One such variation is Arena Football, which is played on a smaller field with fewer players involved in each team. Another variation is Flag Football, which eliminates physical contact and instead requires players to remove flags from opponents’ belts to signal a tackle. Beach Football is another version played on sand and emphasizes agility and speed over brute strength.

Countries like Japan and Brazil have put their own spin on American football as well. In Japan, the game is played using a slightly smaller ball with padded helmets but without shoulder pads. Brazil’s version places added emphasis on foot skills while also mandating every player touch the ball at least once per possession.

Although these variations of American football are unique, they all share the same spirit of competition and teamwork that make this sport so beloved worldwide. It’s fascinating to see how different cultures have adapted this classic game to fit their individual needs and preferences.

Cultural Differences

American football is a sport that is unique to the United States, but it has gained popularity in other countries over time. Countries outside of the US have their own cultural differences when it comes to playing American football. For example, in Japan, players warm up and stretch together as a team before the game and take off their helmets to bow to the opposing team before kickoff.

Another cultural difference that can be observed is the variations in rules and regulations between countries. For instance, some leagues outside of the US may have different field dimensions or number of players on the field. These differences may not seem significant, but they showcase how culture influences the way sports are played.

Moreover, another interesting aspect to consider is how American football is viewed by individuals from different cultures around the world. In some countries, it’s considered an exciting spectacle while others perceive it as foreign and somewhat perplexing. This makes for diverse reactions and receptions among audiences worldwide.

International American Football Organizations

To explore International American Football Organizations with International Federation of American Football (IFAF) and American Football International (AFI) as the solution, we introduce the sub-sections that detail the role these organizations play in promoting American Football worldwide.

International Federation of American Football (IFAF)

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) is a worldwide governing body for American football. It was established on the premise of developing and advancing the sport globally. The IFAF is responsible for organizing international competitions between national teams, including world championships.

Apart from promoting the sport, the IFAF also plays a crucial role in sanctioning and regulating players’ safety, as well as managing rule changes and adaptations accordingly. The organization has over 100 member countries seeking guidance from the IFAF in establishing their respective national football associations.

One unique detail is that only recently, in 2019, did the IFAF undertake significant reform plans to increase transparency, improve communications and governance through International Olympic Committee-approved regulations. Another distinction worth mentioning is that in addition to male football players, there are efforts to include female players under different age groups by organizing women’s competitions at different levels.

Overall, with increased global popularity of American football, it is essential that proper regulation be put into place to ensure fair play and safeguard player welfare. The International Federation of American Football remains steadfastly committed towards growing this sport worldwide while ensuring that its standard remains competitive at all levels.

American Football International (AFI)

American Football International (AFI) is one of the largest international organizations dedicated to promoting and growing American football globally. With its base in Europe, AFI aims to create a strong and sustainable foundation for the sport on different continents around the world. The organization caters to various levels of players, from amateur enthusiasts to professional athletes seeking a platform to showcase their skills and abilities.

AFI provides excellent resources, including training seminars, equipment funding, and support for competitive teams at the grassroots level. The organization also hosts events such as games and tournaments that bring people together and foster sportsmanship spirit among players and fans alike.

Furthermore, AFI strives to cultivate cross-cultural experiences by connecting players across different countries and regions. By creating networks of individuals interested in American football worldwide, AFI has been instrumental in popularizing this sport internationally.

In recent years, AFI has received recognition as a vital force driving the global expansion of American football. With its continued efforts to promote athletic development and unity among nations, this organization is carving out a unique role in the evolution of American football on a global scale.


While American football is most popular in the United States, it is not solely limited to this country. In fact, there are various countries that have adopted American football as a sport. Teams from countries such as Mexico, Japan, and Canada compete in American football leagues outside of the United States. These teams boast impressive talent and have grown their own unique culture around the sport.

Additionally, there are also countries such as Brazil and Germany that host their own American football leagues. With international competitions such as the IFAF World Championship and NFL’s International Series games held in London, it’s clear that American football has become a global phenomenon.

It’s interesting to see how different cultures have embraced American football and adapted it into their own playing style. As the sport continues to spread across borders, we can only anticipate more diverse teams and unique approaches to the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which countries play American football other than the USA?

Several countries play American football including Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Brazil.

2. What is the most popular country for American football outside of the USA?

Canada is the most popular country for American football outside of the USA.

3. How long has American football been played in other countries?

American football has been played in other countries since the late 1800s with Canadian football being the first international variation of the sport.

4. Are there professional American football leagues in other countries?

Yes, there are professional American football leagues in other countries including the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (LFA) in Mexico, and the German Football League (GFL) in Germany, among others.

5. How does American football differ in other countries?

American football in other countries may differ in rule variations, field dimensions, and player positions. For example, Canadian football has 12 players on the field instead of 11, and the field is longer and wider than an American football field.

6. Have any international players made it to the NFL?

Yes, several international players have made it to the NFL, including Sebastian Vollmer from Germany, Moritz Böhringer from Germany, and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif from Canada.

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